Thursday, May 31, 2012

Liu Yifei as beautiful fascinated of "accidentally"

Dai Ming Bo The film attracted the attention of the audience with beautiful sparkling new poster series.
Official debut from 7.12 to the timing of this movie Dai Ming Bo consecutive stages to promote propaganda poster with the new series, offers viewers a close look at the cast molding include "divine billion billion" Liu Yifei, Deng Super (Zhang Nondiscrimination in the New Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre), Anthony Wong, Cheng, Jiang Best Nest ...

Dai Ming Bo made based on the novel of the same name wuxia writer Wan Shui. This is Wan Shui works to become one of the Great Gia Hiep Vo (5 wuxia novelists United languages ​​floating cloud floating home). The movie this time Dai Ming Bo Tran Gia, directed by God to direct the implementation, rotate the famous four lower natural supplements - Leaders Blood, accidentally, Design and Access Prime Face under the flag of the Spirit Almost Zhuge. Four people in four offices, four personalities, but are high in the criminals and has made many merits to the court.
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