Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Creepy ghost to make image of Zhou

Create your fox Zhou Xiao Duy made the viewers could not help shivering.
The film Painted Skin 2 continues to attract the attention of the audience when announcing the new series of photographs of the beautiful Zhou Xun, character reveals scenes of her fox Elementary Duy transformation. In this photo series, sub-Duy white hair let loose. Her skin is white and sick, cracked and sharp eyes, make the viewer can not help goosebumps.

On film, the scene transforms of State Only lasted a minute but came up with the crew struggle to complete the scene. Because they want to make the fox's Zhou Xun was the difference, more than 100 employees of the makeup crew worked continuously for 60 weeks to find ideas. Not only that, at each turn, Miss Zhou Xun also sat motionless 7 hours to professionals dressed up and painted on her.
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