Monday, May 21, 2012

Cica Zhou Wei Tong - New photo mini bikini shoot

Cica Zhou Wei Tong 周伟童 (her previous name was Zhou Tong, and Na Zhou) is the hottest model in China. Not like another who Chinese model has a flat chest, Cica Zhou even has a big boobs with measurement : 86\60\89cm. Cica Zhou actually was an athlete, but realize she has a beautiful face and tall body (175 cm), she finally becoming a model and winning the 6th Annual China National Model competition in 2000.

Cica Zhou born in Guizhou as a Shui ethnic minority, she had grown up to 170 cm in 14 years old. Cica has been called as "The mainland version of Lin Chi Ling". Now Cica Zhou is top 10 models in China.

We can easily find Cica Zhou photos and mostly she only wears a sexy bikini or hot pants.
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