Monday, April 29, 2013

Cao Yang - Guangzhou Auto Show - Part1

Back now quickly to the Wuhan Auto Show that started earlier this month. Chinese hottie Cao Yang was doing an Audi stationwagon and she certainly made the brand a bit more famous yet again. But Audi better be careful because this lady ain’t too faithful, back in February she was with Benz.

Cao Yang is only 18 years old, of Chinese nationality and 1.67 meter in the sky. Born in the great Hubei Province. Measurements: 88 62 90. Education: high school. Professional model since the age of 16. Can also be hired as a spokesperson or hostess. She has been on local Hubei TV many times, in TV-shows and soap opera’s. Hobby’s: dancing and DJ-ing. She is very popular…

Chinese media also reports today that model Gan Lulu has been banned from auto shows by the authorities because of her ‘anti-social behavior’, we will check this one out carefully and get back to you. Anywayz, Gan Lulu is already 27 years old, she’s almost done no matter what. Cao Yang loox like a worthy successor.
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