Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beautiful Chinese actress - Miao Pu

Rising film star Miao Pu is active on both the big and small screens. As a star in the comedic film "Gao Xing", and on two TV series "Peace-Keeping Army from China" and "Depart at the West Crossing", audiences get to see the actress play a variety of characters. The young actress is said to be a "born actor".

Miao Pu was born in Xi'an. Her parents were both performers of Qin Qiang, a local drama of Shaanxi province. As early as five years old, Miao performed along side her parents, playing a Qin Qiang drama adapted from Lu Xun's novel "Blessing". The drama was produced throughout the northwest part of China for two hundred performances. And Miao never make any mistakes. But little Miao Pu's stage experience stopped when she was enrolled in school. She became reserved and not as active as before. Finally, she was enrolled at the Beijing Film Academy with an acting major. There she blossomed again and found she was destined to be an actor.
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